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Chuck Thomas


Lives & works in Brooklyn, New York 


     The recent body of work over the last decade were initially inspired by my diving trips around the globe. I want the canvases to feel as though they are in the act of creation themselves.  The patterns and swirls of color that are a reflection of my sensory experiences under water.


     The colors, textures and shapes that were all around me created mental images of stardust mixing with water, churning and mixing with our air and sun to create an organic seed that was the start of our existence.  Forms merge to become sentient beings, bubbles become heads, patterns emerge as shapes that are at once beautiful and potentially menacing.


      They are hybrids, combining elements of figure and landscape into abstract compositions.  The layered strokes and marks of color shape an image more discovered then planned.  World travel influences, the cities, locals, figures and faces meld with nature, creating patterns with the possibility of forms materializing.  These images are an alternate reality, one that mirrors our own as a window into another reality.  A world of reflections, a mirror image of memory creating a place imaged.



M.F.A. San Francisco Art Instiitute, San Francisco, CA

B.F.A.  Center for Creative Studies, Detroit. MI

New York AICA Studio Program, Winter


Group Exhibitions

2023  "Celestial Light". Spring Break Art Fair, Los Angelas, CA

2021. "Small Works". The Royal Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

2018. "Rock, Paper, Scissors". The Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NY

2015  "Circle the Wagons"  Brooklyn  NY

2015  The Royal "Colorization"  Brooklyn NY

2014  Sideshow Gallery "At The Alamo"  Brooklyn NY

2013  Sideshow Gallery "Sideshow Nation" Brooklyn NY

2012  Kunstiefde, Metropolis, Utrecht, NL

2012  Affordable Art Fair, Artra Gallery, BE

2012  Amade Tentoonsteiling, Campo Gallerij, Antwerpen, BE

2011  Gallerie Mia Joosten, Expositie Lutmastraat, Amsterdam, NL

2008  (ST)ART, Kloosterstraat 13. Antwerp, BE

2004  Bucheon Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1996  Independent Bi-Annual El Bohio-Charras, Center for the Arts, NY, NY

1993 "Fresh Squeezze: A Show of Bay Area Artists". Budapest, Hungary

1992  Walter-McBean Gallery, San Francisco, CA

1992  Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA


Solo and 2 Person Shows

2024  "Metamorphic Migrations"  Crossing Art Gallery, New York, NY

2023. "Nighthawk Pulse"  Spring Break, New York, NY

2018 Sideshow Gallery (solo show), "Territorial", Brooklyn, NY

2014  Sideshow Gallery (2 person show). Brooklyn, NY

2011  Graanmarkt13, Heide. Belgium

2007  Studio Apart, Amsterdam, NL

2006  Chaldea Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2004  Zieher Smith Gallery, New York, NY





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